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Shenzhen Weibi Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing MOSFETs with medium and low voltage mos (12V~250V), high voltage mos (300V~1000V), super junction mos (500V~900V) power MOSFETs, and wafer development and design, packaging and testing, sales services, and technical support. The enterprise R&D center is located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, China, China<

The enterprise takes its own brand "Weibi VBsemi" as its core, actively develops in bulk, and is committed to serving terminal manufacturers in the mid to high end market. The overall production system strictly adheres to the ISO9001 international quality standard,
The company has more than 20 patents, software copyrights, and various honorary titles. At the same time, it has also introduced multiple advanced foreign equipment, including DC parameter detection of power devices, avalanche energy detection, reliability experiments, system analysis, failure analysis, and other fields. It has mastered multiple core manufacturing technologies of field-effect transistors, provides personalized parameter control, and is a MOSFET field-effect control manufacturer that tailors solutions for customers in all aspects.
Weibi Semiconductor's products are widely used in various fields, including transportation, green lighting, traditional industry, power management, new energy, etc. Weibi Semiconductor focuses on the research and development of field-effect transistors, and customers benefit from our competitive prices and reliable quality<

Since its establishment, Weibi Semiconductor has truly achieved an integrated field-effect transistor service chain. Over the past decade, the company has gone through ups and downs, winning the trust and support of a large number of customers<

So far, the company has 21 engineering and technical personnel from world-renowned enterprises and self trained, more than 400 frontline employees, and a service team of more than 60 people; Serve nearly a thousand enterprises<

Weibi Semiconductor is committed to creating an efficient, convenient, direct, and high-quality service bridge for the end customer group with full passion, pragmatic efforts, and continuous innovation and progress. With craftsmanship in the core, precision in quality, and reliable management, Weibi Manufacturing warmly welcomes all sectors of society to visit and guide the enterprise!


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